Decking Teak

Decking Teak flagship of the Alberani Parketti collection, an ideal and trendy solution for your outdoor spaces. Combination of beauty and resistance in step with naturalness.

arquet Alberani Decking Teak

Decking Teak Nautical

Decking Teak Nautical is suitable for customized creations for the nautical sector. Piers, solariums, boat accessories are within your reach. High resistance to salt thanks to its highly impenetrable finishes.


Solid Decking Teak

The Solid Teak Decking, thanks to its hard wearing and weather-resistant finishes, is used to cover the outdoor spaces of your home, poolside, raised structures, verandas and wall coverings. In our imagination, teak for the outdoors is synonymous with stability


Decking Plus Teak

The Decking Teak Plus by Alberani Parketti is a wooden floor characterized by a multilayer in engineered marine wood which is suitable for both floating and glued installation. Its oil or varnished finishes and its inherent resistance guarantee beauty and