Italian Walnut

National Walnut parquet is characterized by its considerable hardness. Of excellent workmanship both from an aesthetic point of view and from an impact resistance point of view. The lively veins, the pleasant chromatic differences and the unmistakable nuances of this wood give the room a modern and pleasantly dynamic look.

Noce Nazionale

Planed Italian Walnut

The artisan hands have been able to emphasize the reflections of the Italian Walnut, creating an undulatory movement perceptible to the touch and to the gentle trampling of bare feet.


White-washed Italian Walnut

Light pigmentation to appreciate a choice of color for the Italian Walnut that harmonizes with any type of furniture. The right style? An environment with a trendy and sophisticated design.


Italian Walnut Vulcano

The Italian Walnut Vulcano has an incomparable character, its veining darkened by the hands of our artisans, melts with the warm colour of the walnut, for a unique and inviting chromatic effect.


Italian Walnut Chevron

Regular shapes embellish a wood, Italian Walnut, strong and peculiar. Every environment becomes harmonious and delicate. The Chevron pattern will give it a touch of modern combined with a timeless wood, ideal to embellish and enrich your house


Italian Walnut Crudo

Soft to the eye and hard in its essence, its Idro-Lak finish give the Italian Walnut character and makes it harmonious, in this unique and natural version free from any artifice.


Hand-scraped Italian Walnut

Its knots stand out thanks to a manual processing, for those who love an environment with a taste of nature. The hydro-lak finish given to the Italian Walnut accentuates its knottiness and gives a color that adapts to any style.


Italian Walnut Venaviva

The sublime majesty and its taste of authenticity that spreads in the environment make Venaviva a true gift of nature capable of combining strength, elegance and originality. Made from appropriately cut and debarked pieces of trunk, so as to respect


Sawn-edge Italian Walnut

A superficial serration makes the Italian Walnut unique and resistant, scratches hardly mark it, guaranteeing a resistant choice over time. Symbol of a choice made by authentic and never banal tastes and attention.