With its undeniable and innate resistance, Burma Teak has its roots in the distant and humid lands of South East Asia, protecting itself with a shield of oil that seeps into its cracks; characterising it and giving it warm tones that make it unique in every use.

Teak Asia Espace

Larger dimensions give dynamism and sinuosity to the environment, the nature of the Teak Burma and the Teak Asia Espace by Alberani Parketti fully lives in the shapes of the veins that stand out in this choice.


Teak Asia Cover

The Burmese Teak has chromatic differences ranging from honey to bronze, with tendencies to red and golden brown, in the Cover version. The Alberani Parketti Teak Cover is presented in a format that makes the chromatic differences more appreciated, giving


Teak Asia Baseline

Teak Burma is the main protagonist of the lands of Southeast Asia, born in Burma, and in our collection the Teak radiates with light, inserting itself softly into the environment and capturing the light that penetrates its streaks.


Teak Asia Herringbone

Timeless elegance in the geometric shapes of the Teak Burma parquet laid in an Herringbone pattern. The Herringbone installation for Teak is the best choice, it highlights the chromatic differences and makes every environment unique.