The olive tree emerges impetuously from the tip of the boot, its slow growth and tormented veins tell our story, a milestone supporting the past and looking imperturbably towards the future, majestic and gentle, reminding us of what we have been and what we will be.

Black Olive

The Black Olive with its unmistakable veins made more intriguing by a delicate colour, gives character and dynamism to each plank. Dark tones dominate and extend throughout the house which now smells of nature.


Grey Olive

The Olive Grey veins take new shapes that moves in a strong wood. A delicate nuance lightens the heavy streaks that become graceful and soft.

Parquet Alberani Ulivo Sbiancato

White-washed Olive

The Olive with its twisted shape, gives life to enchanting veins, with ireegular and sudden changes. The whitened effect adds a touch of elegance.


Olive Etnos

Let yourself be enchanted by its intriguing chromatic excursions, from pale yellow to brown and by the irregular streaks, which seem to have been created by an artist’s brush on the Etnos Olive Tree. The surface is hand-planed to celebrate


Olive Cover

Naturalness is its gift that makes the Olive Cover recognizable among a thousand essences. Its dimensions enrich the environment and decorate it naturally.